My First Race

After 5 years of breaking and exercising horses I was ready to ride my first race. It was 1966 at Green Mountain Park in Pownal, Vermont and his name was "Slow Motion".

 An apprentice jockey can ride 5 pounds lighter than the assigned weight.  After age 25 this no longer applies.  I was 26 and lost that advantage.  On the track it was known as losing the "Bug".  See the asterick next to the weight for #2.

Honor The Count

Won by a nose...


Shenandoah at Charles Town, West Virginia

These are a few of my jockey licenses


 I won The Daily Double in 1968 at Scarborough Downs in Maine. After a full day of riding at Rockingham Park, I rode two races at Scarborough. I felt "Red Glory" was afraid of the other horses, so I drove him out in front at the gate, and he just ran away from the field. I won both races by a neck. It was so foggy that night the fans couldn't see us until we came across the wire! 

My Buddy Dan Martin

Dan joined me in my career to be a jockey but he was too big so he decided to train.  Here is one of Dan's win pictures and a picture of me in his silks although I never did ride for him.

Some More Friends...

A picture of me and Mel, my childhood friend, in the Jock's Room before a race at my annual Day at the Races.

The Long and Short of It

My friend, jockey Frank Tobin, is posing with the "World's Tallest Man", Eddie Carmel, back in the 1940's.